About Us

Dr Vishen Ramkisson MBBS MRCGP (2008) DFFP MBA FFCI

Director of Business Development and Strategy

Vishen is currently Senior Clinical Lead for NHS Digital as well as NHS England Regional Clinical Lead for Integrated Urgent Care.
He is responsible for overall group activities, business development and future strategy. Has wide experience of NHS Governance and Quality Improvement. Vishen has also been awarded Founding Fellowship of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FFCI).


Director of Compliance & Medical Director

Obi is currently a GP partner in Stevenage. He has experience as deputy chair of Stevenage Health Ltd (GP Federation), is the Associate Trainer for GP training doctors and is also Primary Care Lead at Herts Urgent Care.

He is responsible for clinical governance, policy development and CQC compliance.


Director of Finance

Vipul is a GP partner in Hemel Hempstead. He is also Deputy Clinical Lead for Integrated Urgent Care in Hertfordshire and the Clinical Lead for Urgent Care in Herts Valley Commissioning Group (CCG).

Vipul is responsible for financial management, payroll and quality improvement.

Dr Sachin Gupta MBBS MRCGP

Director of Human Resources

Sachin is a GP Partner in Welwyn Garden City. He is a GP Appraiser and former Medical Director of Herts Urgent Care. He is also Governing Body Member of the East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Sachin is responsible for staff appraisals, ongoing training and service delivery.

Dr Kalyan Bollam MBBS MRCGP PGDip (Diabetes)

Director of Operations and Facilities

Kalyan is very active as a crossover Primary- Urgent Care Clinician in primary care and emergency department settings and has experience as partner in Letchworth.

Kalyan is responsible for facilities management, inventory management and group operations.


 The Blossom Group operates a number of care homes that are registered with the Care Quality Commission.
The Blossom Group is officially registered to provide NHS Services.

The Blossom Group is the trading name of the Blossom Group Holdings Ltd (Company No. 10645623)