Supporting the NHS with Qualified and Professional Services

The Blossom Group aims to deliver a range of services to the NHS which are clinically led, fully supported and delivered by qualified medical professionals


NHS Service Design from planning to go-live

Determine the methods to best serve the needs of a population through assessment of existing care and future demands. This includes Health needs assessment, reviewing current provision and identifying gaps and capacity planning.

Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Appropriate delivery and quality of care is critical to achieving desired outcomes. This includes monitoring activity and quality, invoicing, data valuation and payment; user and Local Authority voices & choice and Feedback.

Procurement support with clinical expertise

Ensure you are equipped with the necessary tools and processes to enact transformation within the healthcare economy. This includes Service Redesign; Defining Contracts; Procuring Appropriate Services and Demand Management.

Nursing and Care Home Operator

Pearl Blossom Group owns and operates two care homes in Lincolnshire. offering a high standard of care to our residents. This is an area of ongoing expansion for the group.


GP Practice Resilience Development

Urgent Care System Design

CQC Compliance input

NHS IT Systems Support

Clinical Governance & Quality Improvement

GP Federation Development


The Blossom Group’s Board of Directors compromises of qualified medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields.


The Blossom Group currently owns and operates three care homes – White Gables Care HomeBelvoir House Care Home, and The Grange Nursing and Residential Home


 The Blossom Group operates a number of care homes that are registered with the Care Quality Commission.
The Blossom Group is officially registered to provide NHS Services.

The Blossom Group is the trading name of the Blossom Group Holdings Ltd (Company No. 10645623)